SAE J3016 User Guide

The SAE J3016:2021 standard ( defines terminology for automated vehicles including the famous SAE Automation Levels. It is widely referenced in discussions, other standards, and even government regulations. Unfortunately, what is said about J3016 is too often inaccurate, misleading, or just plain incorrect.

Misinterpreting the SAE Levels can lead to misunderstandings about what the standard actually says, the technology incorporated into a car, and a driver's expectations. It's important to get statements in standards and regulations right. Moreover, it's important when referring to J3016 to understand that it says what it says, not what some author might want it to say, what might seem optimal for safety, or what other documents state that it says. (While this might seem obvious, perpetuation of misunderstandings is rampant.)

You can read the full user guide that explains the standard, its implications and debunks myths here:


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