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Regulating Automated Vehicles with Human Drivers

Summary  Regulatory oversight of automated vehicle operation on public roads is being gamed by the vehicle automation industry via two approaches: (1) promoting SAE J3016, which is explicitly not a safety standard, as the basis for safety regulation, and (2) using the "Level 2 loophole" to deploy autonomous test platforms while evading regulatory oversight. Regulators are coming to understand they need to do something to reign in the reckless driving and other safety issues that are putting their constituents at risk. We propose a regulatory approach to deal with this situation that involves a clear distinction between production "cruise control" style automation that can be subject to conventional regulatory oversight vs. test platforms that should be regulated via SAE J3018 use for testing operational safety. Video showing Tesla FSD beta tester unsafely turning into oncoming traffic. Do not use SAE J3016 in re