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Blame should not be a factor in AV incident reports

A proposal: Any mention of blame in an autonomous vehicle incident report should immediately discredit the reporting entity's claims of caring about safety and tar them with the brush of "safety theater" Reading mishap reports from California and NHTSA data it is obvious that so many AV companies are trying as hard as they can to blame anyone and anything other than themselves for crashes. That's not how you get safety -- that's how you do damage control. Sure, in the near term people might buy the damage control. And for many who just see a mention it sticks permanently (think "pedestrian jumped out of the shadows" narrative for the Uber ATG fatality -- the opposite of what actually happened). But that only gets short term publicity benefit at the expense of degrading long term safety. If companies spin and distort safety narratives for each crash, they do not deserve trust for safety. If a crash report sounds like it was written by lawyers defending th