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The Lesson Learned from the Tempe Arizona Autonomous Driving System Testing Fatality NTSB Report

Now that the press flurry over the NTSB's report on the Autonomous Driving System (ADS) fatality in Tempe has subsided, it's important to reflect on the lessons to be learned. Hats off to the NTSB for absolutely nailing this. Cheers to the Press who got the messaging right. But not everyone did. The goal of this essay is to help focus on the right lessons to learn, clarify publicly stated misconceptions, and emphasize the most important take-aways. I encourage everyone in the AV industry to watch the first 5 and a half minutes of the NTSB board meeting video ( Youtube: Link  //  NTSB Link ) . Safety leadership should watch the whole thing. Probably twice. Then present a summary at your company's lunch & learn. Pay particular attention to this part from Chairman Sumwalt: "If your company tests automated driving systems on public roads, this crash -- it was about you.   If you use roads where automated driving systems were being tested, this crash -- it w