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The Exponent Report on the Cruise Pedestrian Dragging Mishap

On October 2, 2023, a Cruise robotaxi Autonomous Vehicle (AV) in San Francis-co struck and then later – as part of different maneuver – dragged a pedestrian under the vehicle as part of a more complex road mishap. The circumstances included a different human-driven vehicle striking the pedestrian first and what amounts to an attempted cover-up by Cruise senior management of the final portion (the dragging part) of the mishap. High level Cruise leadership was largely sacked. A significant fraction of staff were let go as well. A 3rd party external review was commissioned. Now we have the report.. Quinn Emanuel Investigation report:   Original Link  / link High level takeaways based on the Exponent analysis (just the technical portion of the report): A computer-speed response could have avoided the initial crash between the Cruise AV and the pedestrian entirely. A slightly less quick response could have significantly reduced harm. This would have required the AV to recognize

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