Saturday, August 26, 2023

Autonomous Vehicle State Policy Issues (Talk Video)

The commercial deployment of robotaxis in San Francisco has made it apparent many issues remain to be resolved regarding the regulation and governance of autonomous vehicle technology at the state and local levels. This talk is directed at state and local stakeholders who are considering how to set policies and regulations governing this technology.


  • Getting past Automated Vehicle (AV) safety rhetoric
  • AV safety in a nutshell
    • Safe as a human driver on average
    • Avoiding risk transfer to vulnerable populations
    • Avoiding negligent computer driving
    • Conforming to industry consensus safety standards
    • Addressing other ethical & equity concerns
  • Policy points:
    • Societal benefits
    • Public road testing
    • Municipal preemption
    • SAE Level 2/2+/3 issues
    • Federal vs. state regulation
    • Other policy issues
  • Revisiting common myths

Washington State policy meeting in which I give this talk and answer questions: