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The TuSimple crash raises safety culture questions

A  WSJ scoop confirms the TuSimple April 6th crash video and FMCSA investigation.   See: This article validates what we saw in this video showing the crash: TuSimple blames human error, but it sounds more like a  #moralcrumplezone  situation, with serious safety culture concerns if the story reflects what is actually going on there. A left turn command was pending from a previous disengagement minutes before. When re-engaged the system started executing a sharp left turn while at 65 mph on a multi-lane highway. That resulted in crossing another traffic lane, a shoulder, and then hitting a barrier. The safety driver reacted as quickly as one could realistically hope -- but was not able to avoid the crash. A slightly different position of an adjacent vehicle would have meant crashing into another road user (the white pickup truck in an adjacent lane can