Saturday, April 28, 2018

Slides from US-China Transportation Forum Presentation

On Thursday I had the honor to presenting to two Secretaries of Transportation at the 2018 U.S.-China Transportation Forum in Beijing China.  (US Secretary Chao and China Secretary Yang were in the front row -- as well as a huge room full of US and China delegates.)  It was a really interesting experience, and I truly appreciate the support and hospitality shown by the organizers and both governments.  It's not often that a hard-core techie gets face time with cabinet members!

I was the US Autonomous Vehicle technical expert in one of two technology sessions.  My topic was safe autonomous vehicle testing safety.   I gave the short version of my PA AV Summit talk.  The slides are here for anyone who is interested in seeing how I tried to boil that message down to a 10 minute slot (with simultaneous translation to Chinese).

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