Sunday, June 16, 2024

Truths & Myths About Automated Vehicle Safety -- Video Series

The past year has seen both peak hype and significant issues for the automated vehicle industry. In this talk we recap general trends and summarize the current situation for autonomous vehicles such as robotaxis, as well as conventional vehicles that have automated steering features. Many of the issues the industry faces are self-inflicted, stemming from a combination of inflated promises, attempts to scale immature technology too aggressively, and an overly narrow view of safety. Overall, the companies deploying the technology have failed to address legitimate concerns of a wide variety of stakeholders. There are a number of different aspects that still need to be addressed including: legislation, regulation, liability, insurance, driver skills, traffic enforcement, emergency services, vulnerable road users, engineering standards, business models, public messaging, investor pressure, cultural change, ethical/equity concerns, and local oversight. We concentrate on how all these pieces need to fit together to create sustainable automated vehicle technology approaches.

Truths & Myths About Automated Vehicle Safety

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