Defining a Computer Driver for Automated Vehicle Accountability

This 25-minute video talks about the concept of a Computer Driver to resolve the ambiguity and industry tapdancing we're seeing about who might be negligent for a crash when automation is driving the car. This creates a framework for both SAE Level 2 and Level 3 features that makes it explicit which of the computer driver or the human driver has the duty of care for safety at any given time.


  • Why product liability is not enough to get the job done
  • Tort law for engineers
  • Assigning a duty of care to promote accountability
  • Implications of defining a computer driver
  • Duty of care for conventional, fully autonomous, and testing features
  • The awkward middle: transferring the duty of care for supervisory mode
  • The urgency of defining a computer driver while we wait for longer-term regulations

YouTube Video


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