My Talk at a SF Transportation Authority Board meeting

On October 24th I had the privilege of testifying at a San Francisco CTA board meeting regarding autonomous vehicle safety. The session started with SFCTA and SFMTA describing the challenges they have had with robotaxis, my talk, and then a series of Q&As about additional relevant topics. The robotaxi companies were invited to participate but declined. The news of the CA DMV suspension of Cruise permits broke as the hearing was starting, adding some additional context to the hearing.

We have all heard the hype and marketing from the robotaxi companies. This event gave air time to the challenges faced by cities that must be resolved for this technology to succeed at scale.

  • Information about the event:  (link)
  • Full hearing video:  (link
    • Start at 33:48 (click on item 11 in the index to fast forward to that point) for the full segment including SFCTA and SFDMV.
    • My talk starts at 1:10:25
  • My talk only, live recording:  Youtube |
  • Slides for my talk (link to acrobat)
The robotaxi companies were invited, but declined to participate in this event. You can see what they have to say from the transcript of a CPUC status conference held on August 7, 2023:

Direct link to YouTube talk:


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